Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA), is the apex industry association of manufacturers of electrical, industrial electronics and allied equipment in India. IEEMA represents the complete value chain in power generation, transmission and distribution equipment. IEEMA members have a combined annual turnover in excess of US$ 42 billion and have contributed to more than 95% of the power equipment installed in India.

Mr. Harish Agarwal

We at IEEMA are committed to proactively engage on behalf of its membership with the government and its agencies, on issues of concern and challenges faced by the industry and also undertake activities which help in capacity building of our members. Our foremost priority is to encourage the industry to become export competitive & growth oriented, while ensuring safety across the entire value chain. We will strive to bring non-utility centric industry also in the mainstream of IEEMA.

Harish Agarwal, President, IEEMA
Mr. Shreegopal Kabra

Local innovation & R&D is gaining increasing importance for IEEMA members to maintain their relevance & competitiveness in Domestic and International Market. Digital enablement of the products they manufacture is going to play an important role towards upgrading their profile. Products need to communicate with each other & with higher level IT systems for effective networking & monitoring.

R K Chugh, Sr. Vice President – IEEMA
Vipul Ray

We have to believe and become an economy of exporters. Industry has to be driven by export competitiveness. Industry needs to be driven by innovation which will enable delivery of excellent quality products and services at internationally competitive cost to customers. IEEMA along with the Govt needs to work towards framing policies which will make our goods and services internationally competitive.

Vipul Ray, Vice President – IEEMA
Sunil Misra

India has achieved a major milestone by electrifying all villages across the country. IEEMA and its members have been part of this journey. In order to fulfill the dream of providing quality & affordable power to all, IEEMA stands committed to farmers, artisans, students, households, trade & industry and infrastructure of the country.

Sunil Misra, Director General, IEEMA

IEEMA and its members are actively participating in the transformation of the Indian electricity scenario. Come join us, collaborate with peers, share insights and benefit from being a member.

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IEEMA undertakes various activities and continues to add new dimensions to its services to assist the Electrical and Electronic Industry, stated as follows:

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The member companies of IEEMA from public and private sector, represent the entire voltage level from as low as 200 volts to the extra high voltage (EHV) level of 1200kV. The latter is highest evacuated power level in the world. IEEMA has a product range of 273 numbers (Under 8 digit HS code) across the power value chain – generation, transmission and distribution. In fact, more than 90 per cent of the installed power products in India are through IEEMA.

There are huge business opportunities with IEEMA as we serve into the power projects, steel, cement, railways and many more industries. Get in touch with us.