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The simplest way to define an insulating material is to state what it is not. It is not a good conductor of electricity and it has a high electrical resistance that decreases with rising temperature, unlike conductors. IEEMA has managed to bring forth the manufacturers’ and users of insulating materials under a common roof i.e. The Electrical Insulation Materials (EIM) Division. The redeeming feature is that demand for Insulating Materials emanates from an array of diverse segments, important ones being Switchgears, Rotating Machines, Transformers and Industrial Cables.
Insulating System is a unique intimate combination of two or more insulating materials used in electrical equipment such as motors, transformers, solenoid valves and other magnetics. Combination of insulation materials is recognized by UL India as an Electrical Insulation System after verifying the compliance to relevant UL Standards. IEEMA recognizes that a recognized insulation system is required for the rotating machine manufacturers to apply for UL Certification of their end products. In view of supporting its members, IEEMA has entered into an agreement with UL India for the Recognition of its Insulation System(s) which is a combination of materials carefully selected by IEEMA for use by its members. IEEMA has obtained a certification for the specified Insulation System(s) and is acting as a facilitator between UL India and its members. Indian insulating materials manufacturers under IEEMA have taken up this project for UL recognition of IEEMA insulation systems for Class 155 (F) and 180 (H). This programme is supported by many manufacturers. These IEEMA insulation system files are available to all Indian rotating machines manufacturers to use in their electrical machines (without any more tests by UL) by paying a one time nominal licence fee. Currently, this has been licenced to 23 manufacturers.

INSULEC as the name suggests is an International Conference that IEEMA organises once in four years co-hosted by the industry on Insulation Systems & Materials. This Conference propagates the need for emerging trends and provides inputs for the emerging technologies through various technical paper presentations. The 10th Edition of this two daylong Conference was held on 21st and 22nd August 2019 at The Hotel Leela, Mumbai with more than 230 registered Indian and Overseas delegates during the six technical sessions consisting of 26 papers and panel discussion.

The division feels that knowledge sharing should be an integral part of enhancing sound technical emergence across the Industry. To enable this, it feels that webinars at regular intervals need to be imparted. The output of this initiative can been seen through the two webinars it conducted related to “Impregnation Process” and the next successive webinars it is planning in future.

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