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To generate, transmit and distribute electricity, the country requires a robust and healthy domestic electrical equipment industry, encompassing the complete value chain in power generation, transmission and distribution equipment. The electrical equipment industry is, therefore, not only crucial for the economy but also of strategic importance to the nation.

IEEMA, as the apex representative association, has a primary role to facilitate creation of a conducive environment for the growth of electrical industry by advocating for favourable policies of the Government and its agencies, as well as, for removal of issues and bottlenecks that comes in the way of smooth functioning of the industry.

With expertise resident in its product divisions and cells, IEEMA is the natural voice of Indian electrical industry and plays a crucial policy advocacy role with the government and its agencies. The Association engages proactively in government-industry consultative mechanism through meetings and representations to the several ministries and departments under the Government of India and the States, along with councils and committees constituted by the government and its agencies, in the areas of policy formulation, strategic and other matters. It also facilitates a robust two-way flow of customised and value added information between the government and the industry.

IEEMA Public Policy Cell maintains a knowledge base on imports and exports of electrical equipment in order to combat surge in imports and removing exports bottlenecks. The Cell examines impact of signed Free Trade Agreements, study the clauses and proposed concessional duties on products to be covered under future Trade Agreements and represent the issues related to FTAs to the Government. It interacts with Government on other collective issues of importance, many of which are related with Government policies, to ensure a level playing field and competitiveness of domestic industry vis-a-vis imports.

Besides this, the Cell plays an advisory role for Product Divisions of IEEMA and suggests suitable remedial measures to the Product Divisions for safeguarding their interests.

IEEMA has made several policy influences in the recent past, which includes, providing relief to the industry in the Covid crisis, such as, waiver off minimum demand charges of electricity; allowance of on-line inspections by utilities of dispatch materials; invocation of Force Majeure Clause; restrictions in imports from China in the form of mandatory registration with competent authority; return of BG to the proportion of work done; reduction percentage of Performance Bank Guarantee from 5-10% to 3%; bid Security declaration replacing Bid Security / EMD etc.

Earlier, the association also got the GST rate lowered on electrical equipment from 28% to 18%; removal of inverted duty structure on Cable Terminal & Connectors, Insulators & Insulated Cables; cyber security report of critical power control equipment installed in the country; enhancement of basic customs duty of finished electrical equipment to 10% to provide protection to the domestic industry from non-essential imports etc.

Some of the recent major policy representations are depicted below.

September 2021

August 2021

February 2021

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