India’s Power Sector

As on As on 31.03.2021Target for 31.03.2022
Installed Power Generation Capacity:
Conventional : 2,87,717 MW
Renewable : 94,434 MW

Installed Power Generation Capacity: 6.4 Lacs MW (RE-43%, Conventional – 57%)Addition to Power Generation: 1,87,821 MW

Coal – 50,025 MW, Gas – 4,34 MW, Hydro – 15,330 MW, Nuclear – 2,800 MW

Renewable Energy – 1,15,326 MW

AC Transmission Lines: 4,41,821 ckm
HVDC: 19,087 ckm
AC Transmission Lines: 4,50,700 ckm
HVDC: 19,815 ckm
AC Substation Transformation Capacity: 1,024,468 MVA
HVDC: 28,500 MW
AC Substation Transformation Capacity: 9,79,637 MVA
HVDC: 30,500 MW
Inter-Regional Transmission Capacity: 1,05050 MWInter-Regional Transmission Capacity: 1,18,050 MW

India’s Electrical Equipment Industry

  • Comprises of two segments – generation equipment (boilers, turbines, generators) and transmission & distribution (T&D) and allied equipment like transformers, cables, transmission lines, switchgears, capacitors, energy meters, instrument transformers, surge arrestors, stamping and lamination, insulators, insulating material, industrial electronics, indicating instruments, winding wires, etc. The T&D equipment sector 85% of the industry whereas generation equipment sector is 15%
  • Combined turnover of IEEMA members in excess of USD 50 Billion
  • Industry Production (Estimated) for 2019-20: INR 1,80,000 crores (USD 24.5 Billion)
  • Exports: INR 60,697 crores (approx. 8.5 USD Billion)
  • Imports: INR 67,937 crores (approx. US$ 9.5 Billion)
  • 7.8% of manufacturing sector is terms of value and 1.23% of India’s GDP
  • Direct employment to 5 lakh persons, indirect to 10 lakhs, and over 50 lakhs across the entire value chain
  • Diversified, matured and strong manufacturing base, with robust supply chain
  • Rugged performance design of equipment to meet tough network demand
  • Presence of large SMEs, large conglomerate with major foreign players, either directly or through technical collaborations with Indian manufacturers
  • State-of-art technology in most sub-sectors at par with global standards
  • Focus on green manufacturing technology
  • Major Export Markets: United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Germany, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France
  • Major Export Products:, Switchgear and Controlgear, Transformers & Parts, Industrial Electronics, Cables, Transmission Line Towers, Conductors, Rotating Machines (Motors, AC Generators, Generating Sets) & Parts
  • The size of Capital Goods industry market size is $92 Billion while Power Equipment share in it is about 55%

Source : CEA