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Over the years, the Indian electrical equipment industry has developed a diversified, mature and strong manufacturing base, with robust supply chain, and a rugged performance design of products. Globally Brand India presents a huge opportunity thus it is imperative to promote the growth of exports of electrical equipment that have a strong manufacturing domestic base and manufactures need to move up the value chain.

The major export markets for Indian electrical equipment are USA, Germany, UAE, Saudi Arabia, France, UK, Nigeria, China, Kenya and Brazil, Italy , Singapore, Canada Mexico, Japan which testifies to the quality of Indian manufactured electrical equipment, varying and depending on  products.

A market diversification strategy based on the changing dynamics of growth in the world economy is necessary to sustain growth of exports. The industry should rethink its market strategy and focus on newer markets.

  • Essential to retain presence and market share in existing geographies
  • Moving up the value chain in providing quality products
  • Exploring and penetrating new and emerging markets

Focus on: Africa, CIS, Latin America, ASEAN region. The industry needs the support of the Government in introducing policy changes which will specifically support exports of electrical equipment from India. These include policies related to export financing, taxation, marketing, etc. which will immensely help the Indian exporters compete better in the global arena. The Focus Product Scheme (FPS), under the Foreign Trade Policy, should be extended to cover all electrical equipment.

Indian manufacturers also need to focus on product innovation, technology, R&D, packaging, cost competitiveness. Together, we need to build a Brand India in electrical equipment domain across globe.


Engaging with Power and Energy sector delegations from various Countries Showcasing strength of Electrical equipment by  participation of IEEMA in International Exhibitions Conferences Activating the MoU Partners of IEEMA in various Countries for facilitating and catalyzing bilateral relations Organizing Sessions which are networking and brainstorming during  the meeting of Division



11-14 July 2023 Philippines

Business meetings with Power Utilities; EPCs, Officials of the Ministry of Energy.
Amrita Datta
M: +91 9051122800
E: [email protected]

Delegation to Enlit Europe

28-30 November 2023 Paris, France

Visit to Exhibition, meeting with India Embassy, Explore opportunities
Rajesh Parab
M: +91 9702269598
E: [email protected]

Delegation to Indonesia

13-16 September 2023 Jakarta, Indonesia

Power Generation, Renewable Energy & Electrical Equipment.
K Seetharaman
M: +91 9980004982
E: [email protected]

Delegation to Vietnam

5-8 December 2023 Vietnam

Delegation of IEEMA Member with support of Indian Embassy, Vietnam
Partha Mitra
M: +91 983193632
E: [email protected]

Delegation to Russia

October 2023 Moscow, Russia

Delegation of IEEMA Member with support of Indian Embassy, Russia
Ashutosh Vasisht
M: +91 8447029917
E: [email protected]

Delgation to Australia

January 2024 Sydney, Australia

Delegation of IEEMA Member with support of Indian Embassy, Russia
Niharika Jaiswal
M: +91 9810421156
E: [email protected]

Delegation to Wetex Show

15-17 November 2023 Dubai, UAE

Visit to Exhibition, meeting with India Embassy, Explore opportunities
Ajay Mahajan
M: +91 9999250355
E: [email protected]

Delegation to Distributech International

27-29 February 2024, Orlando, Florida, USA

Transmission & Distribution.

Delegation to World Smart Energy Week

28 February - 1 March, 2024 | Tokyo, Japan

Fuel Cells, Solar Power Tech, Energy Storage System, Green Hydrogen Smart Grid tech, Wind Power Tech, Biomass Power tech, Thermal Power Tech.

Visit to Hannover fair

17-21 April 2023 | Hannover, Germany

Buildelec showcases he entire range of electrical solutions for residential nd commercial buildings. This is a unique platform for exhibiting smart electrical technologies and equipment to make buildings as intelligent structures. Smart Buildings & Houses can reduce energy costs, increase productivity, and improve building operations and fire safety.
Murli Krishna
M: +91 9980053992
E: [email protected]

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