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The power sector is currently at a crucial juncture of its evolution from a dominantly public sector environment to a more competitive sector, with many private producers also playing a significant role in various capacities, and greater reliance on markets, subject to regulation.

The policy makers in India have aimed for ensuring energy security for the nation as well as for providing adequate energy of desired quality in various forms in a sustainable manner and at competitive prices.

The performance of the power sector shows many positive features, especially related to the pace of addition to power generation with a specific focus on improving the efficiency and reliability of the plant as well as promoting eco-friendly renewable source of energy. However, in recent times, there are numerous constraints in power sector related to fuel supply, financial health of the State distribution companies, land acquisition, and regulatory clearances which have resulted in finalizations of fewer new projects and slowdown in execution of some projects. Issues of Gas availability has muted the demand for gas based power plants and is expected to continue in the near future.

Government of India have recently taken certain steps to propel growth in power sector – such as allocation of coal blocks to PSUs, ‘pass through’ of variation in coal price, expeditious clearance of projects through intervention of Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure etc. In addition, extension of CEA’s advisory to Central/ State Utilities for condition of Phased manufacturing Programme (PMP) are positive initiatives for BHEL and domestic Industry. The above initiatives have already helped the on-going projects and the benefits to the new projects are expected to be available soon.

Hydro sector is poised to grow at unprecedented levels considering India’s huge potential of 14 GW of which only 40 GW has been realized till date. The Nuclear business is primarily driven by government policies, public perceptions and global dynamics. Government of India has proposed developing large scale Nuclear Parks, spread across various locations, with the participation of leading global nuclear power companies. Various Indian companies including BHEL have contributed in supplying critical equipment in Nuclear Plant.

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