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Winding Wires are extensively used in the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Industry comprising of Motors, Transformers, Switchgears, and Domestic Appliances etc. The increasing focus on energy- efficient winding wires has been identified as one of the critical winding wire market trends.

A huge amount of energy is lost in the form of heat during energy transformation in electric motors, transformers, electric generators, and inductors. This has boosted the demand for energy-efficient winding wires that can carry current without considerable heat generation. The use of such highly efficient winding wire will help in minimizing electrical energy consumption and increasing the efficiency of electrical equipment, such as motors and transformers.

The copper segment will account for the highest winding wire market share. The several benefits of copper winding wire, including higher current carrying capacity and corrosion resistance and lower thermal expansion than aluminium winding, are responsible for the growth of the market in this segment.

Key Objectives of the Winding Wire division is:
  • To promote trade, co-
  • operation and healthy competition amongst the Winding Wire & Associated Industry.
  • To represent matters of common interest to the respective stakeholders.
  •  To help develop global standards and increase exports.
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