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India’s Power Sector India’s Electrical Equipment Industry

India’s Power Sector

As on 31.01.2014 Target for 31.03.2017
Installed Power Generation Capacity: 234,602 MW(Thermal – 68%, Hydro – 17%, Nuclear – 2%, RES – 13%) Installed Power Generation Capacity: 318,414 MW
AC Transmission Lines: 277,602 ckm

HVDC: 9,432 ckm

AC Transmission Lines: 348,049 ckm

HVDC: 16,872 ckm

AC Substation Transformation Capacity: 497,511 MVA

HVDC: 13,500 MW

AC Substation Transformation Capacity: 669,801 MVA

HVDC: 22,500 MW

Inter-Regional Transmission Capacity: 33,950 MW Inter-Regional Transmission Capacity: 65,550 MW

India’s Electrical Equipment Industry

  • Comprises of two segments – generation equipment (boilers, turbines, generators) and transmission & distribution (T&D) and allied equipment like transformers, cables, transmission lines, switchgears, capacitors, energy meters, instrument transformers, surge arrestors, stamping and lamination, insulators, insulating material, industrial electronics, indicating instruments, winding wires, etc. The generation equipment sector is 28% and T&D equipment sector 72% of the industry
  • Industry Production (Estimated) for 2014-15: INR 1,28,000crores; Exports: US$ 5.3 billion
  • 9.9% of manufacturing sector is terms of value and 1.4% of India’s GDP
  • Direct employment to 5 lakh persons, indirect to 10 lakhs, and over 50 lakhs across the entire value chain
  • Diversified, matured and strong manufacturing base, with robust supply chain
  • Rugged performance design of equipment to meet tough network demand
  • Presence of major foreign players, either directly or through technical collaborations with Indian manufacturers
  • State-of-art technology in most sub-sectors at par with global standards
  • Major Export Markets: United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Germany, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France.
  • Major Export Products:, Switchgear and Controlgear, Transformers & Parts, Industrial Electronics, Cables, Transmission Line Towers, Conductors, Rotating Machines (Motors, AC Generators, Generating Sets) & Parts
  • For the rapid development of the domestic electrical equipment industry, encompassing the complete value chain in power generation, transmission and distribution, a holistic Mission Plan launched by the Department of Heavy Industry (DHI), Government of India, with support from IEEMA
  • The Mission Plan lays down a clear roadmap for enhancing the competitiveness of the domestic electrical equipment industry
  • Vision 2022: To make India the country of choice for the production of electrical equipment and reach an output of US$100 billion by balancing exports and imports

Source : CEA


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