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IEEMA as a voice of Indian electrical industry plays a crucial policy advocacy role with central and state government and its agencies. IEEMA is invited by various central and state ministries, central PSU’s, State Utilities to provide its inputs and to play an increasing role as a “Partner of Choice” in policy formulation.

Some recent representations made by IEEMA are as follows:

Representation on High GST Rate of 28% on Electrical Wires and Cables

IEEMA made a representation to the Government of India and the GST Council regarding high GST rates on Electrical Wires and Cables (HSN 8544). Presently, Electrical Wires and Cables are attracting a GST rate of 28%, and IEEMA has requested the government to get these items reclassified under 18% GST. GST rate of 28% are very high as compared to previous tax incidence of about 14%. This impact of high GST rate will lead to-

  • Fuel Inflation: By keeping the GST rate of 28% on Electrical Wires and Cables (HSN 8544), the product has become costlier, fueling inflation, leading to high tax incidents and adversely impacting the domestic industry. This goes against the government’s commitment that GST would not be inflationary and lead to reduction in tax incidence, at the same time, promoting the domestic industry.

    Since both public and private power utilities and the end users, constituting approximately 70% of the usage of Electrical Wire and Cables, manufactured in a year, do not get any Input Tax Credit; therefore, the cost of transmission and distribution of power increases and sets an inflationary trend in the economy.

  • Increase in Working Capital Requirement: Almost all the raw materials used for manufacturing of Electrical Wires and Cables, are taxed at 18% under GST Regime. Hence, this huge gap between the rate of tax applicable on inputs and outputs is resulting in an effective increase of 14% in working capital requirement by the manufacturers of Electrical Wire and Cables, leading to an increase in cost of manufacturing. This will further have an adverse impact on the industry, which is already in a bad shape due to low domestic demand and surge in imports and also increase the Project Cost for the utilities.

Regarding Dual Certification of Distribution Transformers by BIS and BEE

IEEMA made a representation to MoP, DIPP, DHI & CEA regarding Dual Certification of Distribution Transformers by BIS and BEE, which is contrary to Ease of Doing Business, one of key initiative of Govt. of India.

This is in reference to the Gazette Notifications issued by Ministry of Power dt.16th December 2016 with amendment on the gazette dt. 17th February 2017 and Quality Control Order of Distribution Transformers dt. 07th May 2015 issued by department of Heavy Industries (DHI) with amendments in IS 1180(Part-1):2014.

While IEEMA appreciates the good intention of the Government of India is to save energy losses, dual regulations on the same product “Distribution Transformers” has created a lot of confusion for the manufacturers, users and related stakeholders.

IEEMA requested DIPP to look into the matter and consider the applicability of only one of the regulations for mandatory certification of DTs for manufacture and supply of quality energy efficient DTs as per IS:1180 Part 1/2014 which will require the manufacturers to deal with only one agency for doing the business with ease. The other regulation may be made voluntary/optional.

The matter is under consideration.

The representation can be accessed here.

Regarding use of prime quality CRGO only from PGCIL approved vendors.

IEEMA sought a clarification on the advisory issued by REC Ltd. (REC/DDUGJY/QA/2017-18/D.No. 2087 dtd. 11.07.2017 & REC/DDUGJY/QA/2017-18/2065 dt. 29.06.2017) to all Discoms/Project Implementing Agencies on use of prime quality CRGO only from PGCIL approved vendors.

IEEMA requested REC to advice all Project Implementing Agencies/CMDs/MDs of Discoms to accept the processors/Core cutters/laminations manufacturers for supplying prime quality CRGO for manufacturing of Transformers, only in such cases where complete traceability reports are provided from the mill manufacturers which is also quoted in the clause no. 3 under Inspection of Prime CRGO laminations.

In addition to the above issue, IEEMA also brought to the notice of REC, that some State Utilities/Discoms are referring the said letter as an advisory to procure transformers with CRGO only, and not with Amorphous Core. Therefore necessary clarification may kindly be issued.

REC has accepted our request and has issued necessary directives to all Discoms/PIAs/SEBs.

Restructuring of pre GST contracts / bidding documents by Powergrid: Big relief to the industry

A series of meetings were held with Powergrid and IEEMA members, led by Mr. Adarsh Jain, Chairman, Economic and taxation committee, IEEMA, during June / July 2017 regarding restructuring of contracts / bidding documents due to implementation of GST.

A recent meeting held on 20th September 2017 with Mr. D C Joshi, Executive Director (Contracts), Powergrid Ltd., during which, the issues related to formats for price re-calculation for GST variation, prescribed HSN codes with various items in the tenders, percentages for reduction in prices in the old formats, acceptance of CA certificate for price reduction due to GST, GST on Freight and Insurance, status of excise exempted projects, states utilities that are not yet registered with GST and benefit on the amount of closing stock held on 30th June 2017 were discussed.

Appreciating the issues raised by IEEMA, Powergrid has initiated methodologies to align the pre-GST contracts with the GST schedule.. A link to the clarifications given by Powergrid.


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