Zero Ban Gaya Hero

Highlights of the Session: Zero Ban Gaya Hero - Opportunity in Net Zero

Mr. Vijay Karia Chairman, Digielec Bharat & Chairman and Managing Director, Ravin Group

  • Warm welcome the speakers of the session
  • Electricity is going to be the fulcrum of all Industries. The electrical industry is a little bit apprehensive as well as optimistic and excited about the future that the Transition shall bring.
  • The electrical industry today is at the cusp of an era where a lot of technological changes are going to happen and these technological changes are to be looked from the sustainability perspective, hence it becomes essential that everybody accepts acknowledges the fact that these Carbon Net Zero are on us and we need to adapt to them very quickly.

Dr. Shivani Sharma, Principal Technical Consultant, Hitachi Energy

  • Context Setting and Introduction of the Key Note Speaker
  • Momentum is building for countries and companies around the world to strengthen their energy and climate commitments, and an increasing number have set targets to reach net zero emissions by mid-century or soon after.
  • Decarbonising electricity is central to reaching net zero emissions, as it addresses the highest emitting sector today and enables the decarbonisation of other sectors. The Carbon Net Zero perspective would have forehead in various Industry segments, be it design phase, checking own emissions, evaluating the processes and products being manufacture.
  • Net Zero is an ambitious scenario, and this is the correct time to identify and mitigate the challenges, and initiatives across the industries to achieve this.
  • Carbon Neutrality is going to be an important aspect for all Industries in coming times and shall be imperative for Energy Transition with cutting edge technologies like Renewable, Green Hydrogen, E-mobility getting implemented.
  • Carbon Pricing, Export impact, Green Management and Leadership, Global technology transfers, start-ups are other avenues to be explored and established.

Keynote Address: India: Transforming to a net-zero emission energy system

Dr Ritu Mathur, Director, TERI
  • Net Zero is an ambitious scenario, designed to assess whether adequate technological solutions exist to fully decarbonise the energy sector and/or examine the level to which each of the sectors could theoretically move to zero carbon by 2050.
  • Net-Zero scenario would require fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) to reduce to around 21% of primary energy.
  • It is assumed that India is would continue to sustain a robust economic growth till mid-century (around 5.4 % CAGR between 2015-50).
  • Stakeholders and experts should understand all possible fuels and technology choices and level of availabilities and technological uptake over time.
  • Need of complete shift towards most efficient end-use devices and processes.
  • Maximization of end-use electrification.
  • No investment in coal-based plants after 2030.
  • Key Elements to Focus on:
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Electrification of end-uses and processes
    • Switching to decarbonized fuels
  • Electricity, Hydrogen, and Bio-energy are the key fuels that are required to contribute to India’s energy sector decarbonisation.
  • While the transport sector relies heavily on fossil fuels at present, Electricity, Hydrogen & Bio-fuels can technically bring about complete decarbonisation in the transport sector as reflected in the Net Zero scenario.
  • Vehicular technologies would continue to improve enabling scale-up of these alternatives, but this calls for urgently focusing on R&D at multiple levels to enable such transitions.
  • Solar PV & Wind contribute as the key technologies replacing coal-based generation which can be minimised over time.

Panel Discussion: Green Infrastructure

Mr Anand Muthu Krishnan, Principal Counsellor, CII – Indian Green Building Council
Mr Shabbir Kanchwala, Sr VP, K Raheja Corp
Mr Syed Md. Beary, C&MD, Beary Group
Mr Ashish Rakheja, Managing Partner, AEON Consultant
  • Involving and adopting of Net Zero rating system in Infrastructure (Power, water, building and waste produced) will lead to net-zero carbon.
  • India is witnessing tremendous growth in the construction and infrastructure development sector.
  • As per WorldGBC, the buildings and construction sector consume 36% of the energy produced and are responsible for 39% of the global carbon emissions.
  • The sector is a critical contributor to climate change and has a significant role in the climate action to limit the rise in global warming temperatures to 1.5°C, as per the Paris Agreement. Hence, it is imperative to go Green and Net Zero now
  • Evolving positive mindset of buyers, tenants and Environmental, Social, Governance investors towards green-rated residential and commercial facilities.
  • Giving more emphasis on healthier living and working spaces and a greater requirement for retrofitting and renovating existing buildings and interiors towards making them ‘Green’ in order to attract and retain tenants, especially leading MNCs.
  • India is becoming a global Data Center Hub and it should work towards developing infrastructure for Green Data Centers.
  • Importance to be given to measurement, verification, maintenance, renovation, retro-fitting in green and net-zero building and build environment projects.
  • Tremendous scope for all engineers and professionals from electrical, electronics and allied industries to make a career in the fields of energy, water and waste management.
  • IEEMA members have a greater opportunity in the Green & Net Zero initiates of IGBC, across Buildings & built environments for the next 3 decades.

Panel Discussion: Evolving Zero in the Power Value Chain, Green Products & Solutions

Dr. Shivani Sharma, Principal Technical Consultant, Hitachi Energy
Mr Praveen Anant, CSO, Adani Transmission
Mr Akilur Rahman, CTO, Hitachi Energy
Mr Vikram Gandotra, GM &VMM Utilities, Siemens Ltd
Douglas Prentice, CEO GeoCapita, UK
  • Sustainability initiatives and Business opportunity were discussed in detail for Transmission and Distribution Segment, Technology Provider, Power and Distribution Segment perspectives.
  • Material issues and risk in Transmission and Distribution company, Opportunities due to climate change and market transition were elaborated.
  • Significance of Industry Readiness, Green Products and Solutions availabilitywas deliberated
  • Energy security, transportation of energy, huge growth in population and demand for steel, etc. are few of the key elements.
  • Electricity is going to be the backbone, industry emission should drop to almost 90% by 2050.
  • Future demands better control of systems and an integrated approach for achieving the net-zero.
  • Need of technology advancement wherein Utilities and consumers are able to exchange the information on real-time basis.
  • Decentralisation, Decarbonisation and Digitization are major thrust areas
  • India has the technologies to achieve carbon neutrality: co-invention and co-integration are needed among all the stakeholders.
  • Legal position (under WTO rules) on carbon pricing and EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) were discussed
  • Operation of the CBAM and possible impacts on India/Indian companies, and response solutions available to Indian companies (impact on Indian exporters to Europe of carbon pricing), need for India to have a carbon trading scheme.

Keynote Address: Carbon Zero Solutions

Bertram Lohmüller, Professor, Green Technology Transfer & Leadership, Steinbeis-University, Germany
  • The various aspects of relevance and urgent requirement of Net-Zero global scenario were deliberated.
  • The different global perspectives on Carbon Zero Solutions, Integrated Waste and Energy Management, Challenges in technology transfer, IMLead® Heptathlon for technology transfer and Recommendations (Concept) for German-Indian technology transfer-projects were elaborated.

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