Highlights of the Session: Energy Storage

Highlights of the Session on: Energy Storage

India’s intended Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) aims to base 40% of the total installed power generation capacity to non-fossil fuel-based resources by 2030. TO ensure high penetration of renewable and reduce dependence on fossil fuel, Energy storage is essentially required.

Key Takeaway – Keynote Session and Panel discussion

The cost of renewables and energy storage have come down significantly, hence it is the perfect time to accelerate to the forefront of innovation.
SECI has come or are coming up for bids for various applications like
  • Supply of peaking power to DISCOM
  • RTC (Round the clock Power Supply)
  • Seasonal supply to more than one DISCOM from the same developer
  • Greening the Island and remote locations
  • Transmission line Optimisation
  • ACC(Advance Chemistry Cell ) PLI is most important development and it would bring down the prices, establish supply chain and boost up local manufacturing, establish the capacity to handle mobile and stationary energy storage requirement.
  • Government of India and Industry should be more focused on encouraging and creating Atmnirbharta and reduction on the dependency on imports. Indigenous capacity building for the supply of a mixed energy storage system which are cost effective and fit application based on their inherent characteristics
  • Need to develop Alternate technologies to reduce dependency on lithium and have higher localization potential.
  • Retiring coal-based generations would mean battery storage requirement would be in the range of 350GW to 500GW
  • Some policy changes and standards required to give a push to the industry are:
    • Carbon pricing framework.
    • Policies around ToD tariff, open access needs to be done.
    • Policy on emissions reduction and Enforcement of RPO.
    • Standard for control and communication and safety is required
    • Need to adopt stringent standards in the bidirectional inverter space.
  • 4 Key Grid Applications of Energy Storage
    • Renewable Integration
    • Peak Capacity Needs
    • Customer Energy Management Service
    • T&D Encasement ( Arbitrage)
  • Some projects implemented in India by L&T are
    • Andaman Project – 16MW/8MWh BESS + 20MW Solar Plant
    • Bangalore Project – 1MW/0.9MWh BESS (Diesel Generator Offset & Black Start)

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