IEEMA undertakes various activities and continues to add new dimensions to its services to assist the Electrical and Electronic Industry, stated as follows:



Government Interface

Public Advocacy IEEMA as the voice of the industry maintains a dialogue with the Government, utilities, other users,…
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PV Clauses & Prices/Indices

Why Price Variation Clause? The variation in prices in the Electrical Industry created unexpected conflicts between the Client…
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Compilation and circulation of Statistical data Production/Sales statistical report for 12 different electrical products and one Order Book…
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Training Programmes

The training centre organises programmes on diverse topics to provide critical inputs needed by the industry on technological,…
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Certificate of Origin

IEEMA issues “Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential)”, required by member exporters at the time of exporting their products out…
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Skill Development

In early 2005, IEEMA – the national association of manufacturers of electrical, industrial electronics and allied equipment, had…
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Mission Plan 2012-2022

For the rapid development of the domestic electrical equipment industry and to enhance its competitiveness, Mr. Praful Patel,…
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IEEMA Electrical Insulation System

IEEMA Electrical Insulation System – IEIS UL File: E318161 Electrical Insulation Systems play an important role in the…
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Power Transformer Standardisation Manual

This Standardisation Manual will definitely help Utilities in procurement to commissioning process of power transformer, for defect free…
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