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IEEMA PVC is a highly credible service used by number of stakeholders in the power sector to mitigate the risk arising due to fluctuations in raw material prices.

IEEMA has now developed an online PV Calculator portal ( where a user can get Certified Report of Price Variation by submitting key inputs of the contract like Quoted price, date of tender opening, date of delivery, respective IEEMA PV formula and specific details of products. This will help users to settle the PV claims amicably.

PV Calculator tool is equipped to furnish final Price Variation as per standard two stage switch over method recommended by IEEMA when the PV clause is revised or renewed. The tool also provides facility to compare actual price variation w.r.t. contractual price variation.

Users may purchase online Credits for Certified Reports of PV Calculator. The validity period of Credits is one year from the date of purchase. One Credit is consumed for one certified report.

IEEMA is also providing facility of online payment by credit cards for purchasing various IEEMA Publications like monthly/annual IEEMA PV circulars from


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