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Power Sector Updates


Addition to Power Generation during April-October FY14-15: 9,618 MW (50% achievement)

Total Addition till Oct 14 during 12th plan: 48,626 MW (Achievement of 55% against 12th Plan Target)

Total installed Capacity at the end of Oct 2014: 2,54,649 MW


Addition in ‘CKM’ during 12th Plan Up to October 2014


Addition in MVA/ MW during 12th Plan Up to October 2014

2nd Qtr FY15 showing improvement in Transmission and sub-station, mainly 220 kV & 400 kV. However, addition to Power Generation is slowed down considerably in 2nd Qtr FY15; mostly due to fuel linkage issues (reportedly).

Source: Planning Commission Report - 12th Five Year Pan (12-17) Economic Sectors received by us on 17th Jan. 2013

IEEMA Division Wise Growth Index

Period: April - September 2014 over April - September 2013

S. No.Name of Division% GrowthObservations

Overall growth in Power, Control & LD Cables supported by Exports


Growth in LT-Self Healing mainly due to Exports;
However decline  in HT Cap due to lack of domestic orders;

3Instrument Transformer4.1

Growth in CTs –Indoor & Outdoor & PTs – Indoor & EMVTs
Mostly from Domestic orders for Medium Voltage


Pin/Post, Disc & Application based Insulators declined;
However, growth in Solid Core & Long Rod mainly for Above 110 KV

5Energy Meter-4.2

Decline in Single phase KWH-DSODP Meter; however growth in MF type Overall decline in Poly phase meters

6Rotating Machine-0.3

Decline in LT Motors (IE2 type) & AC Generators
Recovery in FHP & HT Motors (slightly in Squirrel Cage type)
FHP single phase Motors growth consistant

7Surge Arrester29.4

Sharp increase in Polymer Surge Arresters however marginal increase

8LV Switchgear3.9

Growth in LV products
Except ACBs  and S/F & F/S

9MV+HV Switchgear7.3

Growth in Breakers up to 66 kV (incl. MV) & Above 245 kV

10Tr. Line Towers-4.2

Decline in domestic orders &  marginal growth in export orders


Decline, growth in September 2014


Growth up to 66 kV Transformers; decline in Power Transformers, Export surges. OBP continues to grow for Up to 1.6 MVA & 25-200 MVA

Growth Indices for Electrical Industry

Cumulative Growth April - September 2014 over April - September 2013

ProductWeightagesFY 2013-14
LT Motors3.5-10.8
HT Motors1.3-3.8
FHP Motors1.822.7
Power Contactors3.010.9
LT Circuit Breakers5.16.7
S/F & F/S Units0.5-27.1
LV Switchgear13.03.9
HV Switchgear3.37.3
Surge Arrester0.2529.4
Inst. TRF.1.84.1
ProductWeightagesFY 2013-14
Power Cables19.422.8
Control & Spl Cables8.449.2
Power Transformers6.6-15.9
Dist. Transformers8.98.3
HT Capacitors0.3-15.7
LT Capacitors0.64.4
Energy Meters4.2-4.2
Transmission Lines26.7-3.5
Overall Growth100.07.82

Growth is led by heavy weight sectors like Cable, Switchgear
Decline continues for Conductors, Insulators etc.
Power Transformer declines sharply, may be due to CRGO effect?

EXIM DATA – April-September 2014-15

ITC CodesProduct GroupsApril - Sept 2014-15 (value in Rs. crores)% Growth over April - Sept 2013-14Domestic Industry Size for 2013-14 Rs. CroresDomestic Growth % 2013-14
8501 excl. 850110 & 20Motors & AC Generators967829-17165750-5.2
850423, 850434Power TRF195482-32343506.8
850421-22, 850431-33Distribution TRF219709-411359909.0
8535HT Switchgears45553153222900-0.9
8536,8537LT Switchgears & Custom Built Prd39423035112711050-1.7
854610, 20, 90Insulators1852132122200-12.0
902830Energy Meters41196230-26280015.0

Source: DGCIS data

High growth in Imports from MV/HV breakers, GIS, LT Circuit Breakers, HV Cables & Meters

Growth in Exports for most of the equipment supporting overall growth

Imports of EHV TRF & Reactors through Projects (98010013) up to HY FY15 is about Rs. 500 crs (incl. Rs. 250 cr of Convertor Trf 800 KV DC from Sweden) Plus Imports of Kits, Accessories, Oil etc. of  about Rs. 200 crs – Mainly from China & Sweden