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Power Sector Updates


Addition to Power Generation during April-March FY14-15: 22,566 MW (125% achievement)

Total Addition till March 2015 during 12th plan: 61,014 MW (Achievement of 69% against 12th Plan Target)

Total installed Capacity at the end of March 2015: 2,67,637 MW


Addition in ‘CKM’ during 12th Plan Up to March 2015


Addition in MVA/ MW during 12th Plan Up to March 2015

Addition to Power Generation during FY 15 is over achieved by Pvt. Sector.

Completion of 400kV & below Transmission Lines and sub-station on track. In remaining 2 years of 12th plan, focus will be on completion of 765 kV & 800 kV HVDC lines& sub-stations.

Source: CEA

IEEMA Division Wise Growth Index

Period: April '14 - March '15 over April '13 - March '14

S. No.Name of Division% GrowthObservations

Overall growth in Power, Control & LD Cables supported by Exports


Growth in LT- Non Self Healing up to 15 KVAR only;

Decline in LT & HT Capacitor due to lack of domestic orders

3Instrument Transformer4.5

Growth in CTs – Indoor & Outdoor & PTs – Indoor & EMVTs

Mostly from Domestic orders for Medium Voltage


Disc & Application based Insulators declined  except insulators for Transformers; Growth in Solid Core, Pin/Post, & Long Rod mainly for Above 110 KV

5Energy Meter16.8

Growth in Single phase Meter; decline in Poly phase meters

6Rotating Machine-1.0

Decline in LT Squirell Cage Motors, HT Motors & AC Generators

Recovery in LT Slipering & FLP; FHP single phase Motors growth consistent

7Surge Arrester3.7

Sharp increase in Polymer Surge Arresters however marginal increase

8LV Switchgear7.2Growth in LV products
9MV+HV Switchgear5.0

Growth in Breakers up to 66 kV (incl. MV) & Above 145 kV

10Tr. Line Towers-12.2

Decline in domestic orders  & growth in export orders

11Conductors15.9Turn around growth

Growth up to 110 kV Transformers; decline in Power Transformers, Export surges. Growth in OBP for above 25 MVA

Growth Indices for Electrical Industry

Cumulative Growth April '14 - March '15 over April '13 - March '14

ProductWeightagesFY 2013-14
LT Motors3.5-9.8
HT Motors1.3-2.4
FHP Motors1.818.6
Power Contactors3.010.3
LT Circuit Breakers5.110.4
S/F & F/S Units0.5-24.9
LV Switchgear13.07.2
HV Switchgear3.35.0
Surge Arrester0.253.7
Inst. TRF.1.84.5
ProductWeightagesFY 2013-14
Power Cables19.424.2
Control & Spl Cables8.451.1
Power Transformers6.6-15.0
Dist. Transformers8.96.0
HT Capacitors0.3-9.9
LT Capacitors0.6-10.2
Energy Meters4.216.8
Transmission Lines26.7-0.7
Overall Growth100.09.98

Growth is led by heavy weight sectors like Cable, Switchgear
Growth for Conductors and Meters during 3rd & 4th Qtr FY 15
Decline continues for Transformers, Motors, Insulators etc.

EXIM DATA – April-March 2014-15

ITC CodesProduct GroupsApril - Mar 2014-15 (value in Rs. crores)% Growth over April - Mar 2013-14Domestic Industry Size for 2013-14 Rs. CroresDomestic Growth % 2014-15 (up to March '15)
8501 excl. 850110 & 20Motors & AC Generators25211567-11.18.35750-1.0
850423, 850434Power TRF3301128-31.517.04350-15.0
850421-22, 850431-33Distribution TRF4321454-23.94.259906.0
8535HT Switchgears70510448.69.229005.0
8536,8537LT Switchgears & Custom Built Prd790060898.731.8110507.2
854610, 20, 90Insulators48341415.01.22200-12.0
902830Energy Meters5637064.7-22.9280016.8

Source: DGCIS

Growth in Imports from MV/HV breakers, GIS, HV Cables & Meters through direct imports Project Imports – Transformer (975 cr.), Insulator (270 crs) and Capacitors (210 cr.) etc.