IEEMA Welcomes Assurance by Department of Heavy Industries for Relaxation of Electrical Transformer Quality Control Order

Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA) today welcomed the assurance given by DHI (Department of Heavy Industries) for relaxation of Electrical Transformer Quality Control order on contracts issued prior to 1st February 2016. Mr. R K Singh, Joint Secretary, DHI, at an Awareness workshop on Electrical Transformer Quality Control Order, organized today by IEEMA announced that a final onetime relaxation will be granted to contracts issued prior to 1st February 2016 but this will not extend to the orders issued after the February deadline.
Dr. A K Verma, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Power, emphasized that buying quality transformers is not enough and the Discoms need to improve the installation and maintenance of the transformers to make the vision of uninterrupted “24 X 7 Power For All” a reality.
Speaking at the workshop, Mr. Pawan Jain, Chairman, Distribution Transformer Division, IEEMA, said, “This is a major relief granted to the manufacturers, who were sitting idle on one hand and to the Utilities on the other hand, who will now start getting transformers to be able to achieve their electrification targets”.
Mr. Alok Agarwal, Vice Chairman, Distribution Transformer Division, IEEMA, stated, “This awareness workshop was very useful in getting all the stakeholders together and discussing common problems faced by them. The concerns were discussed and deliberated at length and many issues were clarified and amended to the satisfaction of all the stakeholders. This will provide a major thrust to the manufacturers of Quality Transformers and help achieve Government of India’s ambitious electrification program”.
IEEMA Director General, Mr. Sunil Misra said, “This is a very good news for the industry. DHI and CEA has agreed to form a coordination committee comprising of all stakeholders. They will regularly meet to review, monitor and address the concerns”.
The workshop was attended by more than 200 delegates, with representatives of Central and State utilities (75 officials from 42 Discoms from 23 states), Distribution Transformer Manufacturers, BIS & testing agencies including ERDA & CPRI.