Recent Initiatives of IEEMA

In it’s seventh decade of existence, IEEMA continues to provide unique services to its members. IEEMA undertakes various activities, major ones being disseminating information about government policy changes and statistics, representing views of the industry to the government, evolving price variation clauses covering a wide range of products and circulating price indices for the same, formulating industry standards etc.

IEEMA undertakes various activities and continues to add new dimensions to its services to assist the Electrical and Electronic Industry, stated as follows:

  • Members are kept fully informed through IEEMA website or e circulars on a regular basis about latest technology, trends & changes in policies of the government impacting the Indian electrical equipment industry.
  • Members also receive every month a Free copy of  the mouthpiece of Electrical industry ‘IEEMA journal’ worth Rs. 100/- which provides all round industry information.
  • Members enjoy the benefits of IEEMA representations made at both central and state level to the government and other stakeholders on major issues impacting the electrical equipment industry and with suggestions for appropriate modifications.
  • Members are directly benefited by IEEMA platforms for interaction with government authorities, utilities and other stakeholders and take up the challenges/problems being faced by the electrical equipment industry for finding solutions.
  • Members can buy IEEMA Price Variation Clauses (PVCs) at 80% discounted rates. IEEMA PVCs are widely used by it’s stakeholders as a risk mitigation tool for long term variable price contracts.
  • Members can buy at 80% Discount IEEMA aggregated Production/Sales/import-Export data of various product segments which help them in understanding market trends and planning their future strategies.
  • Members benefit from IEEMA technical product-specific international seminars, national conferences and workshops for knowledge/Experience sharing.
  • Members can participate at discounted rates in numerous training programmes organised by IEEMA for capacity building of technical and other personnel in the country for members and other stakeholders.
  • Members can participate in forum technical activities by subscribing to their respective product forums and Cross-Functional Divisions, where members meet and discuss issues concerning the industry and its growth opportunities.
  • SME members can benefit from Participation in the SME forum – activities like Exports, improvement in Quality/Productivity are major focus.
  • Members can participate in periodically organised high-level delegation visits and exhibitions to explore international business opportunities. Like for e.g. Discounted participation for SMEs every year at Hanover fair, Germany and AUW fair at South Africa.
  • Members are also eligible for discounted participation every two years in ELECRAMA the IEEMA flagship show, the world’s largest stand alone show for electrical equipment.

For any more information please contact Ms. Madhura Bhivandkar / Mr. Suhas Nawathe at /