12th August 2016, Bengaluru: A Joint meeting was organised by IEEMA and EEPC on August 12, 2016 in Bengaluru . Mr Ravi Capoor, gave the key note address indicating the purpose of this meeting to be to develop a Game Changing Motor. Mr Ashok Kulkarni, on behalf of IEEMA along with Mr Chattopadhyay gave the presentation about the proposal for “The Development of an AIMERS Motor”.

Each of the Institutions gave a small presentation of their capabilities and how they can contribute to this in-terms of Design, Electro Magnetic Analysis, Vibration Analysis, Testing, Validation, Balancing, etc. An Interactive Session was held at the completion of the presentations, where-in Shri Capoor indicated that the Industry and Institutions should collaborate together and prepare a small project work where-in it should be clearly mentioned whose is responsible for which activity / area.

Mr Capoor mentioned that Funding would not be an issue once this project starts. He further mentioned that the IPR of this motor / project would be owned by the Funding Agency but will be available for all. During the brainstorming session post Lunch with the Instituions, it was proposed that Mr Kulkarni should come out with names from the Industry side.