7th June 2016, New Delhi: Department of Heavy Industries has issued an extension of Electrical Transformer (Quality Control) Order dated 6th June 2016 wherein the Competent authority has decided to allow the manufacturers to execute the supplies against confirmed purchase contracts which were prior to 01.02.2016, instead of 07.05.2015, without BIS Certifications. For all new tenders/contracts, the provisions of Electrical Transformer (Quality Control) Order 2015 shall prevail.

This issue was deliberated and discussed during the Awareness Workshop on Quality Control Order, organized by IEEMA on 30th May 2016. During the workshop, Mr. R K Singh, Joint Secretary, DHI, had assured the transformer manufacturers regarding the relaxation.

Mr. Pawan Jain, Chairman, Distribution Transformer Division, IEEMA, said, “We welcome this decision of DHI, which is a major relief granted to the manufacturers, who were sitting idle on one hand and to the Utilities on the other hand, who will now start getting transformers to be able to achieve their electrification targets”.

Mr. Alok Agarwal, Vice Chairman, Distribution Transformer Division, IEEMA, stated, “This a great news for the industry and we are thankful to DHI for granting us an extension. This will provide a major thrust to the manufacturers of Quality Transformers and help achieve Government of India’s ambitious electrification program”.

IEEMA Director General, Mr. Sunil Misra said, “DHI and CEA has agreed to form a coordination committee comprising of all stakeholders. They will regularly meet to review, monitor and address the concerns related to the implementation of the Quality Control order”.

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