Eighth International Conference on Rotating Machines

19 & 20 April, 2012, Mumbai, India

India is on an upward curve with its economy growing at a consistently fast pace of 8% p.a. and thereby holds great promise for the industrial growth and its related opportunities. The Indian electrical industry is growing at an AAGR of 10-12%in value terms every year and is well on its way to become the manufacturing and sourcing hub for the world.

Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA) – organizer of ELROMA2012, is the apex representative national organisation of manufacturers of electrical, industrial electronics and allied equipments having over750members,whose combined annual turnover is overRs.100,000crores i.e., USD 22billion (Euro17billion).

ELROMA is an international technical conference; dealing with the rotating machines industry. It is held at 4 year intervals and offers an international platform for exchange of information, technical discussion and obtaining first-hand knowledge of current trends in rotating machines.

ELROMA 2012 is the eighth in its series; the first ELROMA was organized in 1983.

The previous ELROMA, i.e., ELROMA 2008 was attended by 224 delegates and 22 papers were presented over two days (7 papers from abroad). Mr. Christoph Noeth, Head -Worldwide Product Management, Low Voltage Motors, Siemens AG and Mr. Vijay R Kirloskar, Chairman, Kirloskar Electric Co Ltd. delivered the keynote address andchiefguest address respectively at ELROMA2008.


Electrical rotating machines consume more than 60%of the energy used across Industries. There is a vast potential here to save energy, by designing, manufacturing, and promoting the sale of more and more energy efficient products, for new as well as existing installations. Since most of today’s energy is generated from fossil fuel, saving of energy is vital for reducing our existing carbon footprint, and also in optimising future energy requirements. The global standards are progressively moving towards a high energy saving standard, and the Indian industry is also moving fast to adopt and align with these trends.

In addition to Energy saving, we also need to focus on green and sustainable manufacturing practices, to preserve our valuable environment, and also to adapt usage of new and alternate raw materials, both for conservation of energy as well as technology improvement.

Accordingly, the theme of ELROMA 2012 consciously seeks to look for answers to the big and evolving pictures of our future, and invites the best minds across the world to actively participate and contribute to make our world a better, cleaner, and more efficient place.

Responsible officer:
P Dhar
Deputy Director