In ELECRAMA 2020, IEEMA already took an initiative by creating an exclusive Women in Power Pavilion which was a huge success. The EL-2020-Committee, women visitors, exhibitors and speakers, really appreciated the concept of bringing all the women in power & energy together at a common platform of IEEMA. By introducing the IEEMA Women in Power Chapter, we want to continue the journey started in EL-2020.


Empowerment of women is a necessity for the development of a society, since it enhances both the quality and the quantity of human resources available for development.


The objective behind the formation of ‘IEEMA Women in Power Chapter’, is that career- oriented women in Power & Energy requires a structured network to meet like-minded ones to discuss and overcome challenges that they might be facing at their workplaces. This will strengthen women’s role and participation in IEEMA activities and goals.

This will create a supportive network, a platform to learn and exchange ideas as well as the avenues to look forward for their growth.


  1. Growing network of Women in Power & Energy sector
  2. Women becoming Mentors for other women in this Industry
  3. Enhancing brand IEEMA by bringing work equality in Power & Energy sector

Way Forward:

  • To encourage woman in power & energy sector to participate in different IEEMA divisions actively.
  • Announcement via using different branding platforms about IEEMA Women in Power Chapter.
  • Organizing different Training programs for Women Engineers & Non- Engineers of the Industry.
  • Awareness programs for Women Entrepreneurs in Power & Energy sector.
  • Bringing out the technical & non-technical hidden talent in women.
  • Doing networking sessions of working women in Power & Energy sector.