IEEMA E-Mobility & Charging Infra Division

This is a new Division that has been formed in 2020, recognizing the overall national priorities set out by Government of India with regard to accelerating the e-mobility adoption in India.

The major objectives of this newly formed Division are:

  • To engage with various arms of Government of India as well as State Governments in regard to policy making & regulatory issues at the intersection of the electrical & electronics sector, e-mobility industry & Charging Infrastructure
  • To provide a platform for engagement between the Electrical & Electronic Industry and the Electric Vehicle Industry in India in order to enable
    • Development of the domestic supply chain in respect of various electrical & electronic products & systems to meet the needs of EV Industry
    • Structured engagements between various stakeholders of the EV Charging Infrastructure domain and facilitation of the domestic electrical industry to be able to fully localize products & systems required for EV Charging Infrastructure.
  • To promote active participation & contribution in development of National & International Standards
  • To bring into the focus of all stakeholders “new technologies & innovation” in the E-Mobility & EV Charging Domain.

The needs of the E-Mobility & Charging Infra domain call for a variety of products, systems & solutions from across the Electrical & Electronic Industry. These include, but are not limited to, Battery Packs, BMS, Motor Drives, Switchgear, Wiring Solutions, On-Board & Off-Board Chargers, Charging Infra across Urban, Rural & National Highways etc.,

This Division shall thus also interface with various other Divisions of IEEMA to consolidate & reinforce efforts in a manner that shall promote “localisation” in addition to encouraging domestic industry to build export capabilities in the E-Mobility & Charging Infra Domain.