India’s Capacitor Industry……..A Journey beyond Reactive Power

India as a country has witnessed unprecedented change in last 30 years for Electrical Power. It is a journey where expectations have moved from Power Availability to Power Quality. Capacitor has all along been part of this journey and kept upgrading and adapting based on the customer requirements & application needs.

Constituents of Industry:

Capacitor and Power Quality division predominantly represents AC Capacitors popularly known as condensers, LV Power Capacitors, MV/HV Power Capacitors, LV/MV Automatic Power Factor Correction solutions, Allied products like Reactors-Thyristor Switches-Automatic Power Factor Correction Relays-Vacuum Contactor- Capacitor Duty Contactors. More advance technology products like Active Harmonic Filters, Static VAR Compensators/ Hybrid VAR Compensators. Application specific products like High Frequency Induction Furnace Capacitors, DC capacitors and more.

State of Industry

The use of Capacitors is long been accepted as the most practical solution to improve power factor in any electrical power system. The application of Capacitors has multiple benefits like reduction in current losses, reduction in demand, better asset management, deferred capital expenditure, enhanced voltage profile, higher quality of power, release of blocked capacity, reduced T&D losses etc.

Estimated size of Capacitor industry, represented by the division for Y 2016-17 is 640 Crores including LV +MV+AHF

India has witnessed rapid electrification, Buildings & Industrial growth, need for process automation to improve efficiency and drive for energy efficiency. Electricity production has increased from 771 Billion Units (Year 2010) to 1160 Billion Units (Year 2017) with CAGR of 7%*. Indian has turned from power deficit nation to power surplus nation. With advent of Solar rooftops consumers are turning into prosumers. Government of India through EESL distributed more than 280 Million LED bulbs under UJALA scheme at affordable price by Dec 2017.

All of above has given rise to some of the issues which were never witnessed earlier. Transients, Flicker and Harmonics are very commonly visible. Customer expectations have moved beyond Power Availability. Now they are looking forward for Power Quality.

Increasing growth of HVDC transmission technology, renewable energy source like wind/ solar, evolution of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, microgrids are expected to drive the future need for capacitors & advance solution.