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Smart Grid facilitates efficient and reliable end-to- end intelligent two-way delivery system from source to sink through integration of renewable energy sources, smart transmission and distribution.

In this way Smart Grid technology shall bring efficiency and sustainability in meeting the growing electricity demand with reliability and best of the quality. Smart Grid also enables real time monitoring and control of power system as well as helps in reduction of AT&C losses, demand response and demand side management, power quality management, outage management, smart home energy system etc. Smart Grid will act as a backbone infrastructure to enable new business models like smart city, electric vehicles, smart communities apart from more resilient and efficient energy system and tariff structures.

Recognizing the importance, POWERGRID has taken pioneering steps in bringing Smart Grid technology to all facets of power supply value chain & developed smart grid pilot project at Puducherry through open collaboration covering all attributes of smart grid in distribution.

Since its reconstitution in the month of September 2013, Smart Grid Division achieved the following milestones:

Formalization of the Division
This was announced and since then 17 member companies opted for Smart Grid Division membership.

Division recognized main stakeholders
Division recognized main stakeholders

Identification of key motivation factors:

Advocacy and Business Interest

  • To work with national and state govt. organizations with regulatory and policy setting powers
  • To work closely with the IT companies and industry associations involved with the development of the SG
  • To partner and work with international leaders and trail blazers

Convergence (Business + Sustainability + Technology)

  • Urbanization and Infrastructure Development
  • Technological Innovations
  • Energy Efficiency, Energy Access and Sustainable Development

Technical / Thought Leadership

  • Main custodian and spokesperson for IEEMA on Smart Grid matters
  • Occupy a thought leadership position
  • Ensure safety, reliability, and flexibility of SG through active engagement with regulators, policy makers, transmission and distribution companies
  • Additionally, Division set some aspirational goals like Higher Grid Efficiency, Reliability and Resilience
  • Create megawatts as a fifth fuel and monetize the potential of energy efficiency and demand response
  • ReducedCO2emissions:Developmentand Utilisation of Distributed Energy Resources and Renewable Energy
  • Job Creation and Marketplace Innovation


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