Instrument Transformers
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The Instrument Transformers industry in India manufactures current transformers and voltage transformers of various rating from 0.66 kV to 765 kV, for indoor and outdoor applications.

The industry also exports instrument transformers in the range of indoor up to 36 kV and outdoor above 12 kV. Over the past 2 years, the industry has also demonstrated its capabilities by manufacturing 1200 kV CVT for 1200 kV test station by PowerGrid at Bina, Madhya Pradesh.

Over the last year, generally there was slowdown in the requirement of equipment and hence no improvement in the industry scenario. Even the market size was observed to be shrinking in 400 kV segment as well as 220/120 and 66 kV segments. The reduction in 765 kV segment was observed, mainly due to shift from AIS to GIS.

However no major threat was observed due to exports. In the changed industry scenario, many surge arrester players have started manufacturing CTs and many players have entered the field with manufacturing of CTs up to 220 kV range. It was also observed that the customers raising the quality standards and imposing stringent quality acceptance criteria for these products.


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