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India’s rapid electrification and development of electrical network have led to an unprecedented development of power capacitor industry.

State of Industry

Capacitors are one of the most efficient of manmade electrical products and have one of the widest ranges in terms of ratings and applications: covers the entire spectrum from a few pico Farads to Farads, few volts to Mega volts, micro amperes to Mega amperes and DC to few Giga Hertz.

Capacitors provide reactive power compensation, transient suppression, harmonic filtering and is a key element of power transition from 2 dimension (Quantity & cost) to 3 dimension (quantity, cost & quality) and helps to increase T & D efficiency, drive energy conservation and paves way for sustainable development.

Reactive Power management is an essential element of any electrical power network and with emphasis on sustainable development and energy conservation the reduction of network losses has gained significant importance. The use of Capacitors is long been accepted as the most practical solution to improve power factor in any electrical power system. The application of Capacitors has multiple benefits like reduction in current losses, reduction in demand, better asset management, deferred capital expenditure, enhanced voltage stability margins, higher quality of power, release of blocked capacity etc.

The industry delivers multiple products for multiple applications like low and medium voltage shunt power capacitors, medium voltage series capacitors, surge capacitors, energy capacitors, capacitors for appliances, harmonic filters, static VAR compensators etc. for reactive power compensation, harmonic filtering, transient suppression, energy storage etc.

India’s rapid electrification and development of electrical network have led to an unprecedented development of power capacitor industry.

Increasing growth of HVDC transmission technology and advanced SVC is expected to drive the future need for capacitors. Growth in renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy and need for large scale grid integration of renewable energy sources are expected to be a potential target area for capacitors as well as power conditioning solutions. Evolving grid codes is expected to drive the business for power as well as energy storage capacitor.

Electric mobility is another emerging segment which is growth driver for capacitors coupled with high speed electrical traction. Proliferation of non-linear loads and stringent norms for harmonic distortion is expected to drive the demand for harmonic filter capacitor and harmonic filtering solutions. Electrical energy storage system and smart grids are futuristic potential growth drivers for the industry.


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