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A trained ‘Insulation Engineer’ is a great asset to the electrical industry. ‘Proficiency Diploma in Insulation Technology’ is the route to becoming one!

Proficiency Diploma in Electrical Insulation Technology

The Course has been designed by Dr. G. R. Nagabhushana, Emeritus Fellow, llSC, Bangalore with inputs from Industry to make it relevant and useful. The contents of the Course are of vital importance to all personnel working in diverse industries (like manufacturers, repairers, test laboratories, users of the electrical equipment) who are dealing in products like motors, transformers, generators, capacitors and cables etc.

The Steering Committee consists of eminent experts both from industry and academia. These experts regularly provide valuable guidance to enhance the course effectiveness. Since the first batch during the year 2003/04, approximately 115 participants from the industry have already benefited from this course. The course uses modern and emerging tools of the teaching. Training is provided online through internet with periodic interactive sessions with the expert faculty.

Today e-learning is considered as a very cost effective and convenient method of acquiring the knowledge. Participants regularly take advantage of functionalities on the website like bulletin board, chat session etc. for interaction with faculty.

Course objectives

  • To develop professionals who will have competence in electrical insulation technology at basic and advanced levels.
  • To provide technical knowledge of application engineering for different electrical equipment related to the use of insulation materials.
  • To train the participants in electrical insulation design for electrical equipment and its maintenance.
  • To train in routine tests and evaluation, diagnostics and laboratory techniques.

Electrical insulation industry in India is INR.1200 crore industry and forms a vital link in the fast growing INR.50,000 crore electrical equipment Industry. Availability of trained personnel with specialized knowledge of Insulation Technology is the need of the day. Although the role of electrical insulation is critical for functioning of all electrical equipment; there is no university or Institute offering any education in this area. To bridge this gap, IEEMA along with well-known institutes like UICT (formerly UDCT), VJTI and ERDA has taken the initiative of offering a specialised proficiency Diploma course in Electrical Insulation Technology.

Syllabus Course material is organized with 2 levels

Basic level

  • Introduction to Insulation
  • Insulation materials and systems
  • Dielectric physics and properties
  • Breakdown mechanisms in solids, liquids and gases
  • Dielectric measurements and basic tests
  • Application of insulation systems in equipment.

Advanced level

  • Special insulating materials/systems
  • Insulation diagnostics – OIl & Paper, Mica & Polymers
  • Stresses in insulating material and their effects
  • Ageing, condition monitoring and life assessment
  • Advanced measurements, Partial Discharge-PD
  • Insulation systems design, processing & evaluation

The candidates would be required to complete one project at advanced level which would enhance their knowledge and can be on a subject of their interest in electrical insulation field. The project will be based on analytical manufacturing, testing / materials or aspects of an insulation system.

Course Material
The Course material will be emailed to candidates

Examination & Project
Two written examinations are conducted one each at basic and advanced levels. Those who pass Exam 1, automatically become eligible for the Proficiency Certificate in lnsulation Technology. Those who also pass Exam 2 and submit a satisfactory project report become eligible for proficiency Diploma in lnsulation Technology. The project report is examined by an expert referee.

One can register any time during the year. Examinations are held in the first week of February and August every year. A candidate can appear for Exam 1, three months after registration subject to submission of one study report before each examination within stipulated time. She/he can also appear for Exam 1 or Exam 2, or both, six months after registration.

Registration in October and April is thus critical from the view-point of saving in time.

Access to e-learning

  • 120 hours of eLearning spread over maximum 360 days from the date of registration. Fees
  • Corporate/Utilities/Government agencies INR. 15,000/-
  • Small Scale Industry & Individual Professionals INR. 10,000/-
  • Student INR. 5,000/-

To register, please contact:

K Seetharaman
Sr. Executive Officer
+91 9980004982

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